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Effective Human Relations: Interpersonal and Organisational Applications, 12th Edition -

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Effective Human Relations: Interpersonal and Organisational Applications, 12th EditionEffective Human Relations: Interpersonal and Organisational Applications, 12th Edition

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Master the human relation skills you need to become successful managers in today's workplace with one of the most widely used human relations texts available. EFFECTIVE HUMAN RELATIONS: INTERPERSONAL AND ORGANIZATIONAL APPLICATIONS, Twelfth Edition uses an organizational perspective to help you understand the disparate factors that influence employee behaviour. As one of the most practical and applied texts available, EFFECTIVE HUMAN RELATIONS incorporates hundreds of examples of real human relations issues and practices in successful companies. The text establishes seven major themes of effective human relations communication, self-awareness, self-acceptance, motivation, trust, self-disclosure, and conflict resolution as the foundation for study. Self-assessments and self-development opportunities throughout the book teach you to assume responsibility for improving your personal skills and competencies. This comprehensive edition addresses topics of emerging importance with expanded coverage of generational differences. The text also explores goal setting, the root causes of negative attitudes, the use of "branding" in the job market, technostress, and emotional intelligence. With EFFECTIVE HUMAN RELATIONS, gain the insights, knowledge and relationship skills you need to deal successfully with the wide range of people-related challenges in business today.



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